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About Us

In 1971, seven spirited automotive industry entrepreneurs came together to form a new company, based on people working together with the common goal of selling superior quality automotive products. These founders—six World War II veterans and a land speed record holder—started BG Products, Inc., with ingenuity, determination and a vision for a great company.


With superior products, hard work, and an exceptional team, BG quickly became an industry leader. Fifty years later, BG remains committed to maintaining vehicles through high quality automotive maintenance products and services for fuel systems, engines, transmissions, brakes, power steering, cooling, battery, drive line, and climate control systems.


BG’s professional-use products have previously only been available through dealerships, independent shops and franchises. Now, these products are available exclusively for Hagerty members like you!


For 50 years, BG has provided professional-grade products and equipment—to thousands of automotive service centers across the globe—to maintain the cars you drive every day. 

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 “With specialized, user-friendly equipment and the highest quality products, BG has always led the industry with maintenance services for every system of the vehicle,” said Darin Greseth, President/CEO/Chairman (and BG Veteran of 37 years), “Automotive shops rely on our services for a profit center that was not realized prior to having these important services to sell.”  

Darin Greseth

BG veteran of 37 years